Teak Steamer Chair, USA

Teak Furniture is growing in popularity in recent years. Garden Furniture needs to withstand the elements (sun, rain, snow, salt) and yet be presentable and function year after year. This is where Teak Wood excels.  Teak, being a dense wood, does not splinter. Hence, its use on the decks of ships. Further Teak Wood is quite oily. The natural oils in teak wood resist rot and wood boring insects.

The qualities of Teak Wood make it ideal for Teak Garden Furniture.

A fine example of Teak Furniture is the Teak Steamer Chair, also sometimes referred to as a Steamer Deck Chair. The Steamer Chair design has not changed for many years, and is considered a classic from the times of the Titanic.

Below is a Teak Steamer Chair offered on special sale by www.goldenteak.com. When you click the buy now button, you will be directed to Goldenteak's website, and complete your transaction. 

This Teak Steamer Deck Chair is offered with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and a 2 year warranty. These chairs have always been very popular.

Solid Teak GOLDENTEAK (tm) Steamer Chair 36.5"H X 58"L X 21.5W, Seat width 17.5:, Back Height 29", Foot Stool Length 19.5", Seat Depth 23". Perfect for relaxing. 5 positions. 120 degrees.

THIS MODEL currently SOLD Out. Please see newer models at  goldenteak.com.




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